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Fun with IE Image Filters and Virtual Earth

I was playing today with some logos in Photoshop and noticed our graphic design team had inverted our gold logo on a black background to be a nice blue logo on a white background. For fun, I happened to have a Virtual Earth project open at the time and I inverted the default road map in Photoshop.

Wow now thats actually pretty cool, not sure what the usages would be but I wonder how to do this on the VE control?

I know that IE provides filters that can be applied in CSS and this got me thinking about what effects could be acheived.
The syntax I used was to apply the filter to all <img> objects within the Map div. This should eliminate all the other parts of your interface changing but since there is no class set on the tiles themselves this is the best solution I could find.

<style type="text/css">
	.MSVE_Map img {filter:Invert;}

Now there are other filters to play with also like:




And just to freak someone out how about a bit of a flip per tile?

I’m not sure of the practical applications for this but I actually think the inverted map is easier to read at nighttime.
Click on each image to see it live on the Virtual Earth map.
Article contributed by John O’Brien ( Have you got something to contribute?

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