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Browser Debugging for Virtual Earth = Coupons

Better Than a GoDaddy Coupon.

What’s better than a free voucher code for GoDaddy? Debugging a browser issue that’s been bugging you for hours.

Tracing program execution and debugging code are two of the major challenges of developing JavaScript applications.  These challenges are especially apparent in Virtual Earth, which is essentially a large obfuscated JavaScript library with limited documentation on available methods and no documentation on how the backend API works.  An additional challenge when debugging Virtual Earth applications is deciphering all the CSS classes and HTML elements applied in order to display the Virtual Earth map.  Fortunately, there are …

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Customizing Route Pushpins in V5

Using Virtual Earth version 5.0, you can create driving routes with automatically generated pushpins along the route that contain the driving itinerary inside the pushpin bubbles. After a VEMap.GetRoute call is made in Version 5.0, a VERoute object is returned. The VERoute has itinerary directions but has no information as to the co-ordinate of the route pushpins and no access to their InfoBox descriptions. This article will discuss how to manipulate these pushpins and generate your own version 5.0 route pushpins.

customized-route-pushpinsFigure 1 – Customized route pushpins

The “_dm” Object

To actually manipulate these route pushpins, it’s important to take …

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