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Simple Ways to Optimize Windows XP System Performance

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Let’s Face it: Via Virtual Earth is Getting Old.

You may need some tips to keep your old Windows XP running. You can help upgrade it with recommendations from BestGear.org, but until you upgrade, here are some tips to keep it going.

Most computers, whether new or old, will run into performance issues at some point. If your once speedy P.C. is now running slower than a sloth on Valium, you might want to give it a revamp. Here are some simple ways to revitalize your computer and turn it back into the fast and reliable machine it used to …

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Fun with IE Image Filters and Virtual Earth

I was playing today with some logos in Photoshop and noticed our graphic design team had inverted our gold logo on a black background to be a nice blue logo on a white background. For fun, I happened to have a Virtual Earth project open at the time and I inverted the default road map in Photoshop.

Wow now thats actually pretty cool, not sure what the usages would be but I wonder how to do this on the VE control?

I know that IE provides filters that can be applied in CSS and this got me thinking about what

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